Our mission is to create unique moments when there is no barrier between art and the consumer, and beauty o music is in the foreground.

It is important for us to enhance the sound and emotions it generates. This fascination stems from our approach to the production of live artistic performances.

In our activities we levarage the state of the art  professional audio technologies in order to support and strengthen the artistic message and increase the comfort of the audience.

FS Audio was founded in 1979 with the mission of delivering music events with the groundbreaking and best technologies available. Over the years, the company underwent multiple metamorphosis in order to stay at the avant-garde of the professional audio services in Poland. The range of services provided has grown as well as the range of events produced.

Currently, FS Audio is Poland’s leading brand in the field of theatrical technology, offering the highest-end sound system of music events.
FS audio creates ideal conditions for:
• the artists to make their work best lived and received,
• the organizers to ensure that their events are held professionally and at the highest level,
• the audience to simply experience something beautiful and amazing.

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