Why choose FS audio?

Because we dare to strive for perfection. We measure high and reach far. And we still do it. For art there is no impossible thing. We always find the best solutions.

For over thirty five years our approach has been based on three aspects:

Individual, attentive and partner treatment of the organizers and artists

Their success is our success. From the beginning of the relationship with the organizer and artists with care and holistic approach to their needs, offering them a tailor-made solution. Our team guarantees expert and reliable service. We depend on trust-based relationships, so we only offer solutions that are tailored to the needs of the client and the artist.

State of the art technology

Since its inception, FS Audio is constantly seeking the best technology to produce perfect production and absolute audio control.
Electroacoustic equipment, coupled with the digital revolution, has undergone radical changes in recent decades. FS audio always follows the news and invests in the leaders of the electroacoustic industry. Therefore, it offers what is currently the best in the market for publicity and multimedia.

Continual development and growth

Perfection is a matter of constant improvement and gaining more and more experiences. Thousands of concerts, conferences, festivals have been completed. Each of them contributed to the accumulation, in our team, of knowledge and skills, allowing for ever more perfect realizations.
In addition, we continue to invest in professional training and follow the electroacoustic industry.
We take care of the professionalization of the sector of the stage technology in Poland by participating in the Polish Chamber of Technology.

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